"Qunnie and her team are in a league of their own. Knowledgeable, compassionate and informative. Their newsletters helps keep me informed and annual follows up let’s me know they’re committed in assisting me in my financial future.

Jonathan BonhommeClient

"What a Boss and what a team. Money and Financial Management can feel like cold, emotionless entities. This is not the case with Qunnie and Lin Wealth Management. As a Boss with a reliable and capable staff Qunnie need not bother herself with talking to clients outside of her personal client pool. This is not her way though. While I have my own point person on her team, Qunnie has consulted me multiple times as well about my finances and how to best move forward with my financial future. She even went as far as to personally step in and take over my account when my representative needed to take some extended time away from the office. Whether I am dealing with Qunnie or members of her team I never feel like I'm talking to people who just want to secure my money for their company. They make it a point to check in on my life and well-being. They also make sure that business and management conversations are accompanied by financial education and the full gamut of my options. I am blessed to have found such a gifted and competent team with an excellent leader to guide them.

Lukecus KingClient

"I have been working with Qunnie for a few years now and this is one connection I am grateful for. She has been able to give great financial support in order to assist myself with a better future for myself and my daughter. She has always remembered a birthday for not only myself but my daughter and has been able to dedicate time to check-in despite my busy schedule. I definitely appreciate her being in my life.

Kimberley BlakeClient

"We are so thankful for Qunnie and her team! In less than two sessions, she walked us through our goals and proposed a comprehensive plan for achieving them through varying financial models.

Qunnie is personable, knowledgeable, and unafraid of opening up about her financial journey in order to put her clients at ease. Those traits made her stand out as a financial advisor and helped us feel confident about our financial future.

On the aforementioned traits alone, we’ve gladly recommended Qunnie to several of our friends; however, the most important trait is how accessible Qunnie and her team have been. We’ve always felt like a priority even while we were at the beginning stages of building our wealth. Her team has been phenomenal at accommodating our change requests and answering our financial questions, which has truly made all the difference!"

Tamar B. Client

"Qunnie was the first financial advisor for me and my family. She is professional, patience and knowledgeable. I'd recommend Qunnie if you are interested in getting insurance for better protection."

Mimi L. Client

"Qunnie and her team's work goes above and beyond my expectations. They helped my family and I create a better financial plan tailored for our present situation as well as a path to be in a better financial situation in the future. We will continue to work with her and her team to make our improved future financial situation a realization."

Joshua Z. Client

" My favorite thing about working with Qunnie is how transparent and logical she is when it comes to breaking down financials and her suggestions to you. She and her team are also very patient and understanding, and make you feel as though each decision is truly yours to make; and that you are informed about what would work best for you with each product/service offered."

Nia G. Client

"Lin Wealth Management Team have been invaluable in structuring my finances in an accessible and supportive manner. I have now been a client for four years and trust in their expertise to provide guidance with my future financial planning."

Sorcha R. - Client

"Qunnie has been an excellent financial advisor for me. Her team has been very friendly and responsive when I've had any questions or concerns. As someone with little knowledge of the field, Qunnie has explained things to me in easy-to-understand ways that I can comprehend. She has also always given me multiple options and explained each thoroughly. I would recommend her to any of my friends and colleagues."

Sean H. Client

"It's been a pleasure working with Qunnie and her team these last 2 years! They've all managed my money and insurance policies effectively and efficiently. The communication and collaboration have been excellend and I can trust them to handle business for me and make decisions that are in my best interest. I'm grateful. I'd recommend them to anyone interested in their services.

Lawrence K. Client

"I met Qunnie a few years ago and I've been nothing but impressed with her and her team. She is very knowledgeable within the financial industry and does a great job clarifying difficult topics. She was able to clearly define goals tailored for me and gave me confidence in the long run. Her transparency and reliability make me feel comfortable working with her and I hope I can continue to do so."

Jason C. - Client

"Qunnie and her team are great. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly which is all I could ask for in a financial advisory team. Definitely recommend."

Sebastian VH. - Client

"Qunnie and her team are really good in their field. They share useful tips and suggestions about my asset allocation. My husband and I are very happy to let Qunnie and her team manage our wealth."

Emma P. - Client

"Qunnie and her team helped me greatly in achieving my financial goals. She provided advice and explained all my options in detail so I can be smarter with my assets. Highly recommended."

Eddy W. - Client

"Qunnie and her team are very easy to work with and are very professional in the WM field. My wife and I are happy to let them help manage our wealth."

Josh Q. - Client

"Ms. Lin is an exceptional professional who has guided me through the myriad of financial products that are available through Lin Wealth Management at Northwestern Mutual. Ms. Lin is personally attentive to all my financial issues and has successfully shown me new and innovative ways to reach my financial goals. Thank you and keep up the stellar work!!"

Rommel V. - Client

"Qunnie is knowledgable, professional, kind and driven. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a financial advisor."

Shannon M. - Client

"I was lucky to have Qunnie and team helping me with my finances. After meeting with multiple financial advisors, Qunnie and her team stood out. They not only provide professional, customized advice but also listen and understand individual goals and problems. As a highly satisfied client, I would not hesitate to recommend Qunnie to anyone."

Solomon K. - Client

"Qunnie and Shay and the whole team are a joy to work with. They have advised my wife and I on our finances for the past 6 years. Whenever we want to open a new account for one of our kids, or need help with existing accounts, the team jumps on it and gets it done. Free of charge, Qunnie and/or Shay meet with us once a quarter to go over our financial progress and to make sure we're getting the most out of all our accounts. They're also a quick email away whenever we have a question. I would (and do) recommend Qunnie and her team to anyone!"

James P. - Client

"Qunnie and her team are amazing! They are quick to answer any questions, and really provide a custom plan based on your needs."

Michell B. - Client

"Qunnie and her Northwestern Mutual team are fantastic. She is knowledgeable, trustworthy and pragmatic. Qunnie is a critical part of our financial planning and helps us work towards our long-term goals. She's a rare find!"

Brittany W. - Client

"Qunnie and her team have been a great and invaluable asset in reaching my financial goals. Pure professionalism and around the clock support that is second to none. Highly recommend!"

Camron F. - Client

"Qunnie is creative, knowledgeable, and very accessible. I appreciate her help and flexibility and my experience with her so far has been nothing but positive.

Marc C. - Client

"Qunnie has been my Financial Advisor since 2019. I have no doubt on Qunnie and her Northwestern Mutual team handling my finances. I do recommend Qunnie as your Financial Advisor because she is very knowledgeable, professional and humble."

May A. - Client

"I have worked with Qunnie the past few months as my financial advisor. She has helped me come up with a budget and savings plan that I can stick to. What I really appreciate is how goal and family oriented she is. She helped me come up with goals that I have not thought of, and helped me realize how important this financial savings plan is, to better my family and I. She was always attentive, and quickly answered any questions I may had, even on the weekends. I do appreciate the work she has done and look forward to continue working with her and her team to achieve my goals."

Misael L. - Client

"Qunnie has been my financial business advisor since I was in school. She is very knowledgeable about financial planning and, more importantly, very caring and listens to my financial needs. I would recommend Qunnie to anyone looking for financial advice."

Gail C. - Client

"Summer 2012 I met Qunnie Lin through an interview for a potential summer internship. At the end of our meeting she had me planning for retirment... I was a sophomore in college and retirement was a topic I had never thought of. Over the past decade Qunnie has helped me plan for retirement, grow my savings accounts, and invest in the stock market. While a competent and skilled advisor, what sets Qunnie apart is how much she cares about my financial health and future. Each goal we create incorporates both my personal desires and goals for my entire family. Qunnie periodically encourages me to make incremental changes in my financial portfolio, while upholding the respect that allows me to make the final informed decision. Whenever my family/friends ask me for financial advice I refer them to Qunnie without hesitation. I wholeheartedly trust Qunnie with my financial planning. I am so grateful to have such an awesome mentor and now lifelong friend. I look forward to sharing my family's future success with Qunnie."

Junior R. - Client

"I had the pleasure to start working with Qunnie and her team in 2020, after a search through several other FA's. What immediately stood out was how personal and passionate everyone on Qunnie's team is. Their advice and planning was fully considerate of my goals, both immediate, mid-term and long-term, and they even worked to help develop some more goals I hadn't considered. Beyond that level of thoughtfulness, the entire team has been incredibly available whenever I have a question, or just want to chat. I'm looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with them and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for planning help."

Marques G. - Client

"Quinnie and her team are not only professional but down to earth. They make you feel a little less confused every time you talk. Qunnie wants to help you by giving you the tools to grow your portfolio and make everyone a little more aware of the market out there."

Jae R. - Client

"Qunnie is a consummate professional and highly recommended. I have extreme confidence in her handling my finances and to anyone else looking to charter a better financial future Qunnie has the knowledge to guide you through."

Fawzul M. - Client


The testimonials presented may not be representative of the experience of all clients and are not a guarantee of future performance or success.

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